House System

The objective behind the House system is to inculcate a spirit of excellence amidst healthy competition amongst students of different houses there by fabricating strong individualistic traits in each student.

Each house is headed by a Captain and a vice captain. A member of the teaching staff is in-charge of a particular house. She/he is called the House Master/ House Mistress. They lead the house with the help of the teachers belonging to the corresponding house.

Inter house competitions are organized in various curricular and co-curricular activities. The house System fosters a spirit of co-operation and healthy competition. A running trophy is awarded to the house which gains maximum points in that year.

There are four houses named- St. Francis’ House, St. Teresa House, St. Mary’s House, and St. Joseph House.

St. Francis’ House:

St. Francis’ House owes its name to the famous servant of God.

Saint Francis’ of ASSISI was a catholic friar who gave up a life of wealth to live a life of poverty. He established the Franciscan order of friars and the women’s order of the poor ladies. Francis was known for his love of nature and animals. He believed that action is the best example, telling his followers to preach the Gospel at all times.

St. Teresa House:

St. Teresa House is named after the famous servant of God-Mother Teresa. She loved children. After becoming a nun, Teresa experienced a severe illness. She described her state of mind during these trials and tributions in these words:

“I bore these suffering with joy, except at first when the pain was too severe. What followed seemed to hurt less. I completely surrendered to the will of God even if he intended to burden me like this forever. However, in the course of time, she became absorbed in deep contemplation in which she felt an ever-growing sense of oneness with God. At times she felt over whelmed with divine love.

St. Mary’s House:

St. Mary’s House is named after Mother Mary. St. Mary (mother of God) is believed by many to be the greatest of all Christian saints. The virgin mother was exalted after her son Jesus by divine grace above all angles and called by St. Thomas Aquinas, Hyperdulia, as the holiest of all celebrated as liturgical feast of the Universal church. According to tradition, she went to, where she experienced her “Dormition”. The belief that Mary’s body was assumed into heaven, is one of the oldest traditions of the Catholic Church. Mary is also associated with protecting many occupations and locations.

St. Joseph’s House:

St. Joseph House owes its name to the famous servant of God. He was Jesus earthly father and the Virgin Mary’s husband- Saint Joseph. He is one of the three people in the holy family also including Mary and Jesus. Although he was a humble person Joseph was a man of faith and obedience to God. When an Angel came to Joseph in a dream telling him about the child Mary was carrying, he immediately took Mary as his wife. Joseph is venerated as a saint with in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic and Anglican churches. His main reason for becoming a saint was because he was the father of Jesus.